Limited Edition - Callisto - Messner Transparent (light-gain overdrive)

  • Walrus Audio Limited Edition - Callisto - Messner Transparent (light-gain overdrive)
Artikelnr.: 195148
Marke: Walrus Audio
Serie: Walrus Audio Fuzz / Distortion
Kategorie: Gitarren-Verzerrer-Pedal


From the once flourishing distant moon, Callisto, this unruly team of interstellar travelers were forced to leave their homes and band together because of toxic changes in the atmosphere. As the remaining survivors of their home await solace in escape pods indefinitely suspended in the darkness of space, this unique team of vagrants searches for hope and a new future. Illustrated by Mike Anderson, the Callisto series a limited run that gives a colorful nod to the comics and super heroes we grew up reading and watching (and still do). Printed on a frosted charcoal enclosure, Messner is a noble but crazy scientist obsessed with technology and a thirst for adventure. he's got just the right amount of crazy to get any job done. The Messner is a low gain-transparent overdrive boasting a wide range of overdrive possibilities. It is designed to preserve the natural voice of your guitar by not coloring your tone, but giving the user the ability to dial in and out the exact amount of tone they desire. A toggle switch allows the user to bypass the clipping diodes from the circuit in the open position and employ them in the closed position, allowing a wide range of breakup from subtle to dramatic. Flip it to the open position and dial in a lower drive setting to add subtle aggression to your tone. Run it in the closed position and turn the gain knob up for more compressed and punchy tones. The color control works in all modes, giving you the ability to dial in brighter tones as you turn it up and darker tones when turned down. If you are looking for a low gain, dynamic overdrive that won't hide your guitar's natural characteristics, meet my friend, the Messner.
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