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Ableton Push 2

  • Ableton Push 2
  • Ableton Push 2
  • Ableton Push 2
  • Ableton Push 2
  • Ableton Push 2
  • Ableton Push 2
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Push is now designed and engineered entirely by Ableton for a music-making experience that is as hands-on, expressive and closely integrated with Live as possible. Push and Live work together seamlessly to let you make beats, play notes and chords, work with samples and develop song structure - all without needing to look at a computer.

Make beats

Push lets you browse, preview and load your own sounds for making beats, or access Live's vast library of drums. Then play beats live with the 64 velocity-sensitive pads and adjust sounds and kits while you play, using eight touch-sensitive endless encoders. Or switch to a 16-pad mode that allows you to play in real time, step sequence beats, and adjust the length of your loop, all at the same time. You can also tweak timing, velocity, and parameter values individually for each pad.

Play notes and chords

Push's pads correspond to pitches, and offer a condensed layout that encourages a fresh approach to melody and harmony: large intervals can be reached easily, and patterns can be played with the same fingerings in all keys. You can select a key and scale with the touch of a button, and Push's touch slider can be used for pitch bend or modulation.

Push also lets you step sequence notes and chords: use the pads to enter notes, then make precise timing changes, create variations or adjust note length and velocity. You can even step sequence automation: record a parameter's value for each step to create rhythmic, quantized parameter changes that are locked to specific notes in your loop.

Work with samples

Three separate workflows offer fast and flexible ways to get creative with your samples. Slicing mode lets you instantly chop up long samples and play each slice on a different pad -  ideal for rearranging loops on the fly or for creating drum kits from recorded grooves. Classic mode lets you turn melodic samples into playable pitched instruments, and you can use the encoders to define start and end points as well as attack, decay, sustain and release for each.

In One Shot mode, samples play back monophonically and all the way through, no matter how long you hold the pad - perfect for playing drums. You can also transpose a playing sample without retriggering it, allowing you to transform melodic phrases into whole new melodies.

Beautiful and playable.

Everything about Push has been carefully reconsidered to provide an improved playing experience. The multicolor display adapts to show you exactly what you need to keep you in the creative flow without adding distraction. Push's new pads have been carefully redesigned to feel softer, smoother and more responsive - perfect for creating expressive beats and melodies.

Push is equally at home in the studio or on stage. You can keep your performances in-the-moment by switching between improvising with loops and playing drums, notes, and chords - all from the same playing surface.

Seamless with Live 10

Using Push, you can launch clips and scenes, tweak device parameters and control mixer levels and sends - Live can capture every movement. When you're ready, switch from Push to your computer to find your music already laid out in Live - the software that was powering your work the whole time.

Key features

Hardware instrument for hands-on playability with Ableton Live 10
Play or step sequence beats, notes, chords and automation
New sampling workflows: slice, play and manipulate samples from Push
Large multicolour display adapts to show what you need
64 sensitive and playable backlit pads
8 touch-sensitive encoders for controlling mixer, devices and instruments, and Live browser navigation
Clip launch mode for live performance and arrangement recording
Scales mode offers unique approach to playing notes and chords
Includes Live Intro for new users

Supplied items

Push hardware
100-240VAC, 50/60Hz with interchangeable heads for North/Central America & Japan (Type A), China (Type A & I),  Europe (Type C), UK (Type G), Australia & New Zealand (Type I)
USB cable 1.40m (55.12 inches)
Quick Start Guide + Download version of Live Intro


- Weight: 2.900kg
- Height: 46mm
- Width: 370mm
- Depth: 293mm


- Connections
- 1.External Power: 12V DC 1.25A
- 2.USB Power: 5V/0.5A
- 3.Two pedal inputs
4.Kensington Lock
- Shell
- The upper shell is a thick but lightweight plate of anodized aluminum
- Pads
- Soft silicon pads, carefully calibrated to respond perfectly at any velocity
RGB backlighting
- Buttons
The control buttons gently click and are lit with white or multi-colored LEDs to indicate a variety of states
- Encoders
High-resolution endless encoders that respond to touch
- Display
The high-resolution RGB display is bright and clear at any viewing angle and under any lighting
- Touchstrip
- 17cm touch strip for pitch bend/scrolling
- 31 LEDs for navigation

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4 customers
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Einfach Genial!
Ich wollte schon lange ein Push 2 und habe es endlich gekauft. Und seitdem hat sich meine ganze Produktion wesentlich beschleunigt.

Es ist sehr intuitive, schnell zu lernen und begreiffen (Braucht schon ein bisschen Ableton ehrfahrung) aber sonst ist es perfekt.
Overall reviewProduct Rating
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Der Gerät wird nie müde
Musste mir wegen Wasserschaden ein zweites kaufen. Finde es schade, dass ein solch mächtiges Device nicht wasserdicht ist. Gibt sicher auch Leute welche das vor besoffenen Gästen einsetzen :D

Würde es sogar ein drittes mal kaufen.
Overall reviewProduct Rating
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Perfekter Controller für Ableton Live
Ableton live lässt sich mit Push2 sehr intuitiv bedienen. Mein Workflow hat sich merklich gesteigert.
Overall reviewProduct Rating
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Ableton Push 2
«::P::»«::E::»«::R::»«::F::»«::E::»«::C::»«::T::» Transaction rapide et efficace, bonne communication, à recommander +++++ Ciao
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