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Steinberg Absolute 4 VST Instrument Collection

  • Steinberg Absolute 4 VST Instrument Collection
  • Steinberg Absolute 4 VST Instrument Collection
  • Steinberg Absolute 4 VST Instrument Collection
  • Steinberg Absolute 4 VST Instrument Collection
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The best for your music production

Absolute 4 contains Steinberg's best VST instruments in a package with over 6,800 presets and a library of more than 100 GB.


Absolute 4 contains Steinberg's best VST instruments in a package with over 6,800 presets and a library of more than 100 GB. Thanks to the latest VST technology and advanced sound design tools, Absolute is a perfect solution for music production, composition and live performance. The impressive collection is suitable for all music genres and offers outstanding audio quality and a variety of options at an irresistible price.

What's new in Absolute 4

Groove Agent 5

Groove Agent 5 raises the bar for acoustic and electronic drum kits even further. With the new Decompose function, you design your own signature drum sound. You'll also get fantastic new MIDI grooves, a live sampling function, 32 velocity layers, a redesigned, scalable user interface ... and much more.

Granular Guitars

An inspiring sound library for Padshop by the well-known sound designer Simon Stockhausen.

Prime Cuts

Producer Beat Butcha (Jay-Z, Beyonckret, etc) has produced these exclusive Hip Hop and Trap Drums for Groove Agent.

AAX Support

Absolute Collection runs on any DAW that supports VST, AU, and now AAX.

Rock Essentials

Groove Agent MIDI grooves from more than four decades of rock history.

All included VST instruments in the overview

Sampler & Workstation

HALion 6

HALion 6 is an incomparably powerful sampling and sound design system. HALion is the plug-in for many instruments of the Absolute Collection and also allows you to design your own instruments.

HALion Sonic 3

HALion Sonic 3 combines thousands of synthesizer sounds with elaborately sampled acoustic instruments and creative effects in one workstation. HAlion Sonic is particularly intuitive to use and ensures optimum flow in the studio and on the stage.

Synthesizer and Electronic Music

Padshop Pro

Padshop Pro is based on a new kind of granular sound generation and impresses with futuristic surface sounds and spectacular effect sounds.

Granular Guitars

Granular Guitars offers nearly 3 GB of exclusive samples of acoustic and electric guitars as well as exotic string instruments like Psalterium, Celtic Harp and Oud? including experimental sound variations.

Retrologue 2

Retrologue produces the sound of analog synthesizers and is a real secret weapon for leads and bites for various styles? from fat to funky.


Anima comes with hundreds of state-of-the-art synth sounds, a powerful arpeggiator, a flexible modulation section, and two wavetable oscillators. Electronic sounds have never sounded so good.


With a unique combination of granular synthesis and an epic sample library, Skylab produces sounds like from the space lab. The perfect creative tool for captivating film music and ambient tracks.


The granular synthesizer Auron offers you 160 unique presets? from floating surfaces and fascinating textures to stunning new timbres.


Trium is the proof that "analog" does not always mean "retro". With a clear interface and great sounds Trium inspires your creativity.


Inspired by the legendary analog synthesizers of the past, Voltage brings you the full range of vintage sounds, from warm synth beats to strong lead sounds.


Engine is the perfect choice for club-suited dance tracks with ultra-fat synths, hypnotic beats and the typical vocal samples.

Hypnotic Dance

Hypnotic Dance is a true classic. Featuring 400 synth-based dance sounds, Hypnotic Dance is a treasure trove of punchy basslines, cutting leads and atmospheric pads.


The Raven

The Raven Grand produces a piano sound that is particularly rich in subtle nuances and sonorous overtones. The natural, gentle playfulness is evidence of craftsmanship and class.

The Eagle

The Eagle Grand Piano impresses with a detailed, transparent piano sound, which is suitable for traditional classical music as well as for modern pop, rock and jazz productions.

The Grand 3

The Grand 3 contains five lavishly sampled instruments from Yamaha, Steinway and B￶sendorfer. Here you will find the perfect piano sound for your songs.


Model C

Model C is an impressively authentic tone wheel organ with a smoky, powerful and silky sound. Suitable for many styles of music.


The sounds of rock and pop music of the 60s and 70s have left indelible mark on music history. HALiotron is a meticulously accurate reconstruction of analog technology that has shaped the sound of that time.


Hot Brass

Hot Brass offers a powerful, multi-sampled brass section with an exceptionally voluminous, punchy and authentic sound. Ideal for current pop, funk, reggae and soul productions.

Drums & Percussion

Groove Agent 5

Fantastic electronic and acoustic drum kits, brilliant MIDI grooves, live sampling, beat creation tools and unique features like Decompose for your own signature drum sound? Groove Agent is the ultimate workstation for drums and rhythms.


Program great rhythms in no time. B-Box is a classic step sequencer for beats and drum tracks. It offers 12 instruments and 16 steps with individual velocity and an integrated mix section.

World Percussion

Play percussion instruments from Africa, Asia, Europe and many other places. With World Percussion you enrich your music with exotic percussion sounds from all over the world.

Prime Cuts

Groove Agent's Prime Cuts offers you world-class drum sounds for hip-hop rhythms, produced by well-known UK producer Beat Butcha.

Rock Essentials

There's nothing like a hard rock beat if you really want to give your song drive. Rock Essentials brings you the best grooves from four decades of rock music.

Instruments for film music

Studio strings

Studio Strings offers a dynamic string ensemble that is great for playing. Perfect for film music, pop arrangements and many other music styles.

Dark Planet

Threatening sounds, powerful instruments and unpredictable loops? Dark Planet is the perfect creative tool for suspenseful, dark movie soundtracks.

Symphonic Orchestra

You always wanted to have a complete symphony orchestra available? Then you will love HALion Symphonic Orchestra!

World Instruments

Enrich your music with unusual instruments from foreign cultures. Balafone on West Africa, Japanese shakuhachis, shona calimbas, Turkish tambour sounds and many more exotic instruments are waiting for you.


- Updated version of Steinberg's VST instrument collection
- 100 GB of sounds that are suitable for many production styles
- High-quality creative tool for music production
- Updates include Groove Agent 5, Granular Guitars, Prime Cuts and Rock Essentials
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