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Yamaha PSS-F30 (black)

  • Yamaha PSS-F30 (black)
  • Yamaha PSS-F30 (black)
  • Yamaha PSS-F30 (black)
  • Yamaha PSS-F30 (black)
  • Yamaha PSS-F30 (black)
  • Yamaha PSS-F30 (black)
  • Yamaha PSS-F30 (black)
  • Yamaha PSS-F30 (black)
CHF 59.00
UVP: CHF 72.00
For Small Musical Maestros

It offers a wide range of sounds that reflect Yamaha’s commitment to the beauty of music.
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Includes, among others, an automatic accompaniment
function that introduces your child to different music Styles, a keyboard specifically designed for smaller hands, and a preset library of famous and well-
known tunes. No matter what they choose, the PSS-F30 is there to get them started on their musical journey of learning and discovery.

Even when pushing the first key, children's eyes light up with excitement. And as they begin to experiment with every new feature, their musical expression develops
even more. Look forward to them sharing their creations with you, because with the PSS-F30, the only creative limit is their imagination.

Turns any room into an instant concert hall with built-in automatic accompaniment Styles that play a diverse range of musical genres. The smart chord feature makes it easy for young composers to lead their band on any musical adventure with just the press of a button.

Kids can also explore playing songs of their own, or from the free downloadable songbook. The preset songs are full of famous, fun-to-listen-to tunes, which children can learn to play by changing the tempo for playing with one hand or both. So no matter what feature they choose,
their appreciation and excitement for music is sure to grow and last a lifetime.

The small-format keys have been designed especially for little hands, while the compact body, weighing just 1.3 kg, means kids can easily take it to school on their own. From metronome to melodies, the PSS-F30 has
everything your child needs to get inspired and get playing right out of the box.


37 High-quality mini keys
120 Voices (instruments)
114 auto accompaniment Styles and the Smart Chord function
30 on-board Songs
Free digital songbook
Various functions (Sustain, metronome, and more!)
Light and compact
Built-in speaker / Headphones jack
Battery and USB bus-powered (USB power adaptor is sold separately)

- Weight: 1.200kg
- Height: 70mm
- Width: 220mm
- Depth: 550mm

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