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Why MusiX?
Free delivery in Switzerland from CHF 50.-Free delivery in Switzerland from CHF 50.-
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
3 Year Warranty in Switzerland3 Year Warranty in Switzerland
Personalized advicePersonalized advice
25,000 products in stock25,000 products in stock
Payment After DeliveryPayment After Delivery
Daily deliveriesDaily deliveries
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MusiX Giebenach
MusiX Giebenach
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MusiX Vörstetten
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Data protection

Data protection
Your privacy is important to us. However, we can not get by without any data.
Collected data:

We store your IP address and clicked pages. Tracing this back to you as a person is not possible. These data are collected and used to improve our services. In addition, a cookie is set to ensure the function of our service, in particular the shopping cart. The cookie does not contain any personal information, it simply allows us to recognize and group all clicks from your visit.

When you register with us, we will also store your address information and any data related to your order or submitted messages. We use your data exclusively to process placed orders, unless we have your consent to use it for other acitivites as well.

If you contact us via email or phone, we will store your email address or phone number in order to handle your request.

If you allow us to use your data for advertising purposes, we will regularly send you our newsletter with interesting offers and exclusive discount codes. Your data will not be shared.

Sharing of your data:
  • with shipping service providers, so that your package arrives as quickly as possible
  • with payment service providers for the payment methods Paypal, credit card, Postcard as well as installment payments
  • with credit check institutions for the purpose of the payment method "purchase by invoice"
  • with customs in the case of foreign orders
  • with the endangered species protection authority for foreign orders of protected products
  • with suppliers, in the case of agreed direct deliveries and as proof of restricted products such as special training versions, i.e. EDU versions
  • with repair centers: for handling warranty and repair cases

If you have allowed us to send you our occasionally printed catalog, we will also forward your address to a printing company. The data is used exclusively to stamp your address to the catalog.

A few pages contain a so-called captcha to prevent bots from using the pages. Your IP address and usage behavior on this page will be transmitted to a partner. You will be asked for consent before submitting.

Links to external sites:
Links to external sites like Facebook may collect user data when clicked. As long as these links are not clicked, no data will be collected. We do not submit your data to these external sites, but we have no control over any collected information after you follow the link.
Revocation and information about stored data:

You can revoke your consent to the storage of your data at any time. We then block your data for further use and delete the data as soon as any statutory retention requirements for orders have expired.

You also have the right to obtain information about all data stored about you at any time.

Contact us, ideally at Please understand that we need to identify you for this, otherwise we run the risk of sharing your data with unauthorized persons.

Contact for questions:

For questions, we have set up an e-mail address that you can contact:

Why MusiX?
  • Free delivery in Switzerland from CHF 50.-
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 3 Year Warranty in Switzerland
  • Personalized advice
  • 25,000 products in stock
  • Payment After Delivery
  • Daily deliveries
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