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Schertler David X-W / Combo Amplifier

  • Schertler David X-W / Combo Amplifier
CHF 1229.00 | UVP: CHF 1330.00
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120W, 3 channels


The DAVID X’s three inputs can accept two instruments, or an instrument and a vocal microphone, plus a stereo playback device. Intelligent technology enables the instrument/unbalanced inputs to automatically adapt to any situation, e.g. the use of guitar or other high-level line sources. Gain and Overload LEDs on the two mic/instrument channels enable easy set-up and monitoring. Intuitive controls, including 3-band EQ, switchable Resonance and Warm (low pass) filters, allow you to shape your sound for optimum results. The Master section includes both Line- and adjustable DI outputs
for connecting to a mixer or other external device, a Low Cut filter (for instruments that generate
aggressive low frequencies), an Insert for connecting external dynamics processors, a Mute button and Overload LED. The amp’s internal spring-like reverb is perfect for delicately enhancing the dry signals.

DAVID X is ideal if you’re seeking no-compromise acoustic instrument amplification. An effective
system for practice and home studio use, we also recommend it as a personal monitor in performance
venues, connected to Front Of House via the DI Out. DAVID X’s size additionally makes it the most
portable and flexible Schertler amplifier model.


Frequency response: 50 Hz-20 kHz
Sensitivity (1W-1m): 89 dB
SPL max: 112 dB
Woofer: 6''
Horn: Dome 1''
Crossover: Active 24 dB / octave
Box: Bass reflex
Construction: Birch laminated
System – Format: 2-way, Bi-amp
Max Power out: 120 W
Weight: 10 kg
Dimensions: 295 x 255 x 355 mm.

Connector: XLR balanced
Sensitivity: -52 dB
Impedance: 4.7 kohm

Connector: Jack 6.3 mm. unbalanced
Sensitivity: -47 dB
Impedance: 820 kohm

Connector: Jack 3.5 mm. stereo

Connector: Jack 6.3 mm. unbalanced
Level: 0 dBu
Impedance: 200 ohm

Connector: XLR balanced
Level: -15 dBu
Impedance: 200 ohm

Connector: Jack 6.3 mm.

INTERNAL EFFECT (digital reverb)
Frequency response: 200 Hz - 10 kHz
Delay time: c.a. 30 ms.
Reverb time: c.a. 2.5 s.
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