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Best Service Galaxy 2

  • Best Service Galaxy 2
CHF 262.00 | UVP: CHF 411.00
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Three world-class wings: Galaxy Steinway 5.1 (surround - and stereo version)

The long-awaited sequel to the 5-stars in Sound On Sound excellent Galaxy Steinway 5.1, extended with two other world-class wing.
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Equipped with the completely new Kontakt 2 engine for an ultra realistic playing experience and a specially designed user interface, allowing simple, but very flexible sound configuration and creative sound design.

Three world-class wings:
Galaxy Steinway 5.1 (surround - and stereo version)

Vienna Grand Imperial
(96 keys, including contra-octave, very powerful bass range)

1929 German Baby Grand Grand
(Beautiful "singing" wing, built in 1929)

- Over 6000 samples of a Steinway D, Bosendorfer 290 and 1929er
  Blüthner Baby Grand
- 12 "modeled Velocity Zones" for the finest levels of dynamics
- Chromatic samples
- Real sustain resonance and release samples,
   recorded in several stages and different velocity
- Real Una Corda Samples (Soft Pedal)
- Hammer, pedal and damper noises
  separately engageable and adjustable
- Own, specially-designed user interface with multiple
  Intervention possibilities in sound and feel
- Direct control of the major functions in the Main Menu
- Detailed editing in 10 special menus
- Integrated Help-Window
- Simple and effective, "One-Knob" Access to
  Colour tone (without EQ), Warmth and Dynamics
- Warp-section with 4 FX-machines for drastic
  Sound editing and sound interference
- Pad machine for generating spheric synth pad
- Integrated convolution reverb
- Stereo width and - position adjustable
- Recorded at Galaxy Studios and the Hansa Haus Studios
  (2 Jazz-Grammy Awards) with high end and vintage microphones
  Von Neumann
  Bruel & Kjaer and Brown as well as state-of-the-art equipment
  (Neve Capricorn, SSL 9000, inter alia Preamps by Neve,
  Focusrite Red Series, Summit)

Mac OSX, Universal Binary, Windows XP & Vista VST, AU, RTAS, DXi, - Kontakt 2 Player, Standalone

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