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spl Tube Vitalizer / Modell 9530

  • spl Tube Vitalizer / Modell 9530
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Tube Stereo Vitalizer
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The Tube Vitalizer is the top model of the Vitalizer product family. In him we have combined the finest in audio technology: the harmonious alliance of tube, coil, transistor and semiconductor technology offers new possibilities in sound design, with the advantages of the different components can be used both individually and in combination.
To have e.g. for separate use of the tube section on a tube line preamp, high headroom and low noise, if you want to produce in certain situations "tube sound" without Vitalizer.
The total vote of the effect intensity of the Tube Vitalizer is designed for sensitive settings, such as it meets the needs of users in a professional recording studio, mastering and cutting.

Vitalizer section

The operation of the Front Tube Vitalizer is divided into two sections: On the left are the controls of the advanced filter network.
As the first major innovation here would be the first opportunity to call, in the bass and treble to the conventional capacitor passive filter networks to be able to switch on the coil-based networks filter (LC filter circuit functions).
Coils are well known for its pleasant sound in filter circuits because the saturation of the coil produces a pleasant sense of hearing for the harmonic behavior. The sound difference is quite striking compared with that between tube and transistor levels.
When the bass processing generates the switching of the coils a little more pressure, the sound is tough and gets more "sustain". In addition, the damping behavior is changed in Mittentonbereich. In the presence of high frequencies and the center of pressure by switching the LC filter is increased. Mastering can be so "coil sound" into the mix bring the sound complements conventional filter useful.
The second important innovation is the integrated in each of the bass and Hochtonfilter path compressors. It is only the processed bass Hochtonsignal or compressed - the original signal remains unchanged. Integration into the respective filter path ensures that only the selected signal areas are affected, in order to compensate for signal peaks produced by filtering effectively and easily. In the compression for each channel are high-quality, low-distortion THAT 4301-VCA modules are used. The compressors operate with a "soft-knee" rule characteristic which impresses with unobtrusive way of working. Attack, release and threshold of the compressor are vorprogammiert firmly. Set using the respective control, only the compression ratio, while the blue Gain Reduction LED indicates that the compressor begins its work. Especially when pre-mastering to a digital medium to improve the utilization of the compressors headroom and help to prevent clipping.
Another feature is the equipment of each filter module with a single operational amplifiers, avoid mutual interference in the form of crosstalk or distortion within the semiconductor. All capacitors are used in the Hochtonfilterung connected in parallel to double tolerances and to stabilize the stereo image.

Tube section

After the Vitalizer-processing stage the signal passes through the tube section. As mentioned above, it can be switched on separately. If the tube section disabled, the output stages are powered by conventional semiconductor technology. For the first time is a direct A / B comparison between tube and solid state output levels possible.
The tube stage is paired with three tubes 12AX7LPSaufgebaut type: first, the signal goes through each channel in an "own" tube, then the signals are combined and moved into the third tube. This type of circuit has proved to be due to the characteristic way of working of tubes to be advantageous to achieve the highest possible coherence in the stereo image and to highlight the spatial impression of stereo signals. The various gain stages by first-class capacitors with a capacity of 1μF input and output in the isolated - this is a very high value of clean processing very low and high frequencies, secure, allowing a harmonious cooperation with the Vitalizer section.
The power supply is provided with a delay circuit which in the first 45 seconds after turning on the Tube Vitalizer the tubes initially supplied with a heater voltage of 6.5 volts and then supplies the anode voltage of 250 volts. This generally extends the life of the tubes and additionally guarantees a sound quality in the long term the same quality. The tubes themselves are set on gold-plated ceramic sockets. A little gem offers the Tube Vitalizer a shunt limiter. This limits the level corresponding to a characteristic matched to the tube and provides the signal with a sound effect that the saturation effect of analog tape machines is similar. The shunt limiter can mainly be with the group or individual registration processing (eg drums) is useful.


ALPS potentiometers provide a pleasant "spoon in honey-spinning sensation and we meet a sensitive adjustment.
Two VU meters display either input or output level. The Tube Vitalizer is equipped with XLR and stereo jacks for balanced operation. The SSM used in precision laser-trimmed resistors symmetry levels achieved by a very high common-mode suppression of over 87dB. The asymmetric operation is possible without level change.

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