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Bose L1 Model II & 2 x B1 Package

  • Bose L1 Model II & 2 x B1 Package
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Better live sound - a real breakthrough. L1 Model 2 with 2xB1 bass module

The new L1 system for musicians, DJs and public speakers delivers the smoothest and most reliable sound distribution, we have to offer.
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Recommended for most voices and instruments. The new L1 Model II system is our most powerful and easy to transport system for musicians, singers, DJs and public speakers. It delivers wide horizontal sound field and the smoothest tonal balance that we have to offer - all over the stage and in all parts of the room. Like the original, award-winning L1 system, the new model is an all-in-one innovation that conventional monitors, mixers and PA speakers replaced. It puts the brim with U.S. patented BOSE technologies that were developed specifically to help you improve your amplified sound. The breakthrough Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker produces a wide and very even sound field - on stage and everywhere in the audience, even with several hundred listeners. And both sound and volume fall with little dropoff. New to the Model II system: Articulated Array speaker technology for better tonal balance. The 24 vertically mounted drivers of the speaker are precisely angled to create clearer highs and more consistent tone in the room. Even people off the edge of the audience enjoy well-balanced, detailed sound reproduction. The deep bass from small enclosures L1 Model II system includes a B1 bass module for a p??zisere reinforcement of low tones at the most votes and most of the instruments such as guitars, keyboards and various brass instruments. The double bass package is recommended for bass guitars, kick drums and DJs. The B1 bass module is considerably lighter and smaller than traditional bass speakers with comparable performance. A single power level can be combined with up to two bass modules. With the optional pack lite Extended Bass Package, you can even plug in two additional bass modules. Lightweight and compact L1 Model II systems are our lightest and most compact live amplification systems. They have four retractable legs on the power level in order to make easier to setup and breakdown. The control units on the power stand also has a simplified, the single line-level input can be used with instruments, microphones, mixers, laptops, MP3 players or DVD systems. These systems are lighter and handle the road. The speaker is equipped with a rugged, reinforced grille, and each package for the larger components are padded carrying case included. A strong option: ToneMatch Audio Engine If you choose a fast system expansion with the optional T1 ToneMatch audio engine, are you efficient, only from Bose erh??ltlice tone shaping tools available. The compact multi-engine, you can easily access our greatest ToneMatch preset library. By pressing a button to offer you hundreds of the finest settings for instruments and microphones. In addition, the engine is equipped with a complete set of reverb, with additional effects and dynamics processing in studio quality. Connection to the L1 Model II system via a single digital cable - for quick, easy installation.


Electrical Specifications AC output power - 220-240 V 50/60 Hz 500 W (EU) Input / Output Power Stand - 1 / 4 "analog input - ToneMatch port for the T1 audio engine ToneMatch - Neutrik NL4 bass module output - 1 / 4 "bass line output included Power Stand Box - Power Stand - Power cord - protective plug - Carrying case L1 Model II Cylindrical Radiator Box - Speaker upper and lower part - bags B1 bass module box - B1 bass module - Cables for B1 bass module - carrying case


Garancija proizvođača: Es gilt die übliche Garantiezeit, ausser für die L1 Lautsprecher-Chassis: hier gilt eine verlängerte Herstellergarantie von 5 Jahren

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