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js / css / html - Remote Job (Homework, EU/worldwide)

Remote Job (Homework, EU/worldwide)

Software development is our passion! - Would you like to become part of our team of experts and contribute to the rollout of the musix brand in various European countries?

We use (and plan to use) ...
- Javascript/jQuery, CSS, HTML
- Frameworks such as Bootstrap and others
- Backend: Eclipse, git, Junit, SQL, Linux
- Currently used: Apache Tomcat, Tapestry, Ionic

You like to ...
- work on the design of web pages (HTML, CSS)
- use your experience in architecture of web applications
- develop and optimize systems
- check a web application from the customer‘s perspective and work on improvements (performance, design, usability etc.)
- enhance user experience and usability/accessibility
- work on communication security and data privacy
- ensure system stability and use of loadbalancing
- apply caching systems to improve the performance
- apply your experience in android/iphone (via ionic/cordova or native)

We expect ...
- high analytical skills
- passion for software engineering

Remote Job (Homework, EU/worldwide)

To apply for this job, please send your application in PDF format to jobs@musix.ch.

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