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D'Addario EJ88B Nyltech Ukulele, Baritone (.026-.030w)

  • D'Addario EJ88B Nyltech Ukulele, Baritone (.026-.030w)
  • D'Addario EJ88B Nyltech Ukulele, Baritone (.026-.030w)
  • D'Addario EJ88B Nyltech Ukulele, Baritone (.026-.030w)
  • D'Addario EJ88B Nyltech Ukulele, Baritone (.026-.030w)
  • D'Addario EJ88B Nyltech Ukulele, Baritone (.026-.030w)
  • D'Addario EJ88B Nyltech Ukulele, Baritone (.026-.030w)
Product #: 154261
Brand: D'Addario
Series: D'Addario Nyltech
Category: Ukulele String Set
Availability:  D'Addario EJ88B Nyltech Ukulele, Baritone (.026-.030w) | <b>In stock.</b> In stock.
ShopAvailable in stock
VörstettenD'Addario EJ88B Nyltech Ukulele, Baritone (.026-.030w) | <b>In stock.</b>  In stock
Shipping cost: EUR 2.99
EUR 9.30
UVP: EUR 10.90
D'Addario EJ88B strings are designed specifically for baritone ukuleles.

The 3rd and 4th string are a silver-plated copper wound on nylon complimented by a 1st and 2nd string which are made from our exclusive Nyltech material.


This set is optimized for usage with standard D-G-B-E tuning.

Developed in cooperation with Aquila, D'Addario Nyltech strings are an exclusive combination of materials designed to deliver an optimal combination of warm, yet punchy tone, comfortable playability, precise intonation and tuning stability not found in other ukulele strings.

-Optimized for Baritone Ukuleles tuned to standard DGBE tuning
-Exclusive Nyltech material for traditional Ukulele tone
-Preferred for warm, gut-like overtones
-String Gauges: Nyltech .026, .036 Silver Plated Copper .024, .030


- Note Inches mm lbs kg
- E 0.0260 0.6700 11.684 5.300
- B 0.0360 0.9200 10.361 4.700
- G 0.0240 0.6090 10.640 4.826
- D 0.0300 0.7620 10.000 4.535

- Weight: 1.840kg
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Jean-Noel P. - 27.01.2018 is my one and only provider for all things music. As professional musician and multimedia producer I warmly recommend their perfect services.
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Received the guitar today in Perfect condition. Great Service from you and Musix...beyond my expectation !! Loved the Guitar...just what i was looking for. Just One word to describe it all...Yeee- Hawww !! Thanks a million...will sure order more stuff from Musix in future.
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You guys are truly fast! Have a great week-end!
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Many thanks for the great service provided late on Saturday afternoon and for preparing all ordered goods. Saturday evening the kit was up and running, I'm impressed.
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