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Antonio F. - 06.04.2013
I received the piano yesterday as expected and I'm absolutely happy about it. Thank you and your colleagues for sorting it out!
Wyclif J. - 22.11.2017
everything perfect.. service.. delivery.. help... just amazing..
Grégoire B. - 26.05.2014
You guys are truly fast! Have a great week-end!
Frank R. - 29.09.2017
Fantastic customer service! Brilliant!
Jeremy J. - 10.10.2017
Your customer service was amazing - thank you!!

Engl Rockmaster Tube Combo 40W / EN312

  • Engl Rockmaster Tube Combo 40W / EN312
Product #: 188961
Brand: Engl
Series: Engl Rockmaster
Category: Guitar combo tubes amp
Availability:  Engl Rockmaster Tube Combo 40W / EN312 | <b>In stock.</b> In stock.
ShopAvailable in stock
VörstettenEngl Rockmaster Tube Combo 40W / EN312 | <b>In stock.</b>  In stock
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EUR 1269.00


- 40 watts, tube head/combo (4 x EL 84 power amptubes & 2 x ECC 83 preamp tubes)
- Front Panel:
- Controls for Clean Gain, Lead Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Reverb, Lead Volume
- Mid Boost sound switch
- Gain Boost switch
- Clean/Lead channel selector switch
- Master control
- Power on LED and Power Tube Monitor
- Stand By switch
- Power switch
- Rear Panel:
- Footswitch jack: Reverb off/on, FX Loop off/on;
- Footswitch jack: Mid Shape (Mid Boost), M.V.B. (Master Volume Boost);
- Footswitch jack: Clean/Lead channel selection, Gain Boost
- FX Loop Send; FX Loop Return
- Line Out Balanced, frequency compensated;
- Poweramp Output, 8 ohms parallel: 1 x 8 ohms or 2 x 16 ohms speaker:
- Poweramp Output, 16 ohms serial: 1 x 16 ohms or 2 x 8 ohms speaker:
- Preamp: 2 x ECC83 / 12AX7 tubes selected;
- Poweramp: 4 EL84 tubes matched;
- Speaker (Combo): Celestion Super 65, 8 ohms

- Weight: 10.000kg
- Height: 233mm
- Width: 500mm
- Depth: 255mm
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Customer feedbacks
Marko K. - 16.02.2018
Thank you for the good service! I'll be happy to do shopping at Musix the next time again.
Neil G. - 14.02.2018
It's a pleasure doing business with you guys
Yan S. - 13.07.2016
I love the new piano - the quality of the product and sound is just amazing. I was also very impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of your service - in true Swiss standard! My best wish to the prosperity of your business!
Jean-Noel P. - 27.01.2018 is my one and only provider for all things music. As professional musician and multimedia producer I warmly recommend their perfect services.
Stephen F. - 20.11.2013
Many thanks for the incredible customer service -- the replacement part arrived and works perfectly. Musix rocks!
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