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Customer feedbacks
Andelkovic D. - 15.08.2018
Perfect comunication, even I had a small problem with my delivery, but the guys from MusiX did everything to help. 5 stars from me.
Wyclif J. - 22.11.2017
everything perfect.. service.. delivery.. help... just amazing..
Peter E. - 29.03.2018
Once again, thanks a lot for all the help and fast response!
Christine J. - 12.04.2018
Love, Love, Love, Love :)
Antonio F. - 06.04.2013
I received the piano yesterday as expected and I'm absolutely happy about it. Thank you and your colleagues for sorting it out!

Fender American Pro Strat MN (3 color sunburst)

  • Fender American Pro Strat MN (3 color sunburst)
  • Fender American Pro Strat MN (3 color sunburst)
  • Fender American Pro Strat MN (3 color sunburst)
  • Fender American Pro Strat MN (3 color sunburst)
  • Fender American Pro Strat MN (3 color sunburst)
  • Fender American Pro Strat MN (3 color sunburst)
Product #: 191689
Brand: Fender
Series: Fender American Professional Stratocaster
Category: E-Guitar ST-Models
Availability:  Fender American Pro Strat MN (3 color sunburst) | <b>Delivered before Christmas!</b> Delivered before Christmas!
ShopAvailable in stock
VörstettenFender American Pro Strat MN (3 color sunburst) | <b>Delivered before Christmas!</b>  In stock
Shipping cost: Free delivery in Germany
EUR 1382.00
UVP: EUR 1649.00
Oft kopiert, nie erreicht: Die Stratocaster gilt als beliebteste und wichtigste E-Gitarre der Welt.


Seit 1954 prägt sie die Musikgeschichte in allen Genres und definiert den Standard für vielseitigen, ausdrucksstarken Gitarrenklang. Die American Professional Stratocaster hat alles, was unser Original-Instrument so unverwechselbar macht - und dazu eine gereifte Persönlichkeit, in die sich Musiker von heute noch einmal neu verlieben werden.

Drei von Tim Shaw entworfene V-Mod Stratocaster Single-Coils
Neues, etwas dickeres modernes C-Halsprofil
Knochensattel; 22 schmale grosse Bünde für bequemes Bending
Pop-in-Tremolohebel sitzt straff und stabil
Treble Bleed verhindert Höhenverlust beim Runterdrehen des Volumereglers
Inklusive Elite Molded Hartschalenkoffer


- Body Material Erle
- Body Shape Stratocaster
Body Finish Gloss Plyurethane
- Neck Material Ahorn
- Number of Frets 22
- Fret size Narrow Tall
- Bridge Pickup V-Mod Single Coil Strat
- Neck pickup V-Mod Single Coil Strat
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Customer feedbacks
Birk D. - 24.08.2017
Received the guitar today in Perfect condition. Great Service from you and Musix...beyond my expectation !! Loved the Guitar...just what i was looking for. Just One word to describe it all...Yeee- Hawww !! Thanks a million...will sure order more stuff from Musix in future.
Georges E. - 02.10.2018
Thanks again for the great suppost and prompt replies.
Rene Z. - 20.09.2018
Excelent service, friendly and fast return for any question you might have
Zoran J. - 03.07.2017
Ali A. - 15.09.2015
I received the headphones today, it took me 5 second to make the decision to keep them, they are amazing. Once again you provide the best, even better than what I had in mind. Thanks!
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