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IK Multimedia iRig Pro Duo Studio Suite

  • IK Multimedia iRig Pro Duo Studio Suite
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EUR 249.00
Bundle: iRig Pro DUO, iRig Mic Studio XLR, iRig Headphones | AT4, TR Deluxe,Mic Room,ST3 SE, MP2 CE

All you need to create and record music in GarageBand and other DAWs.


Everything you need to record guitars, vocals and other instruments is here, including a professional-grade audio interface, a studio-quality microphone, monitoring headphones, and all the cables and accessories you need. Totally plug-and-play on Mac/PC, iOS and Android, everything works seamlessly with GarageBand and other popular recording applications. Plus, the bundle also includes all the GarageBand-compatible Mac/PC software plug-ins to take your recordings to the next level; from guitar amplifier and effects and microphone modeling to virtual instruments and high-end studio processors for mixing and mastering.

With iRig Pro Duo Studio Suite, it's easy to create multitrack recordings, demos, podcasts, live recordings, and more. And best of all, iRig Pro Duo Studio Suite works with your computer, tablet and your smartphone so you can make brilliant music on any device, anywhere, any time!

Included hardware

iRig Pro Duo

2 channel audio/MIDI interface for Mac, PC, iOS and Android

iRig Pro Duo is the smallest full-featured dual-channel audio/MIDI interface on the market. iRig Pro Duo delivers high-quality 24-bit audio on the go or in the studio with plug-and-play simplicity. It features 2 channels with XLR/TRS combo audio jacks and phantom power that can accommodate everything from high-end phantom powered condenser microphones to guitars, basses, keyboards and more. Each channel has it's own input gain control so you can dial in the perfect amount of input signal for your recording. With iRig Pro Duo, you don't just have a superb portable interface for audio; you can also hook up your favorite MIDI controllers. This is thanks to its included TRS to MIDI-DIN cables and dedicated MIDI in/out jacks, so you can control MIDI-compatible software (or send MIDI data to MIDI-compatible hardware, like synthesizers, drum machines and samplers) with plug and play simplicity.

2 x 1/4" / XLR guitar, mic & line inputs.
2 hi-quality preamps with gain control.
48V phantom power.
MIDI input/output.
2 balanced 1/4" out.
Direct monitor.
Lightning, USB and USB OTG cables included.
Self-powered (2 AA batteries), device powered or DC power adapter (not included).

iRig Mic Studio XLR

Large-diaphragm analog studio condenser microphone

iRig Mic Studio XLR is a large-diaphragm analog condenser microphone for vocal and instrument recording. It features 1" large-diaphragm condenser capsule, 20 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response and cardioid polar pattern. It also includes a mic clamp, a tripod tabletop stand and a 2m/6' XLR mic cable.

iRig Headphones

Professional closed-back studio monitor headphones

Closed back design for monitoring while recoding without mic bleed.
High output drivers for accurate, transparent and powerful sound.
Extended frequency response for rich bass and crisp highs.
Adjustable headband for great fit maximum comfort for extended listening periods.
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