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KRK Rokit RP5 G4

  • KRK Rokit RP5 G4
  • KRK Rokit RP5 G4
  • KRK Rokit RP5 G4
-22% 2
  • KRK Rokit RP5 G4
  • KRK Rokit RP5 G4
  • KRK Rokit RP5 G4
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EUR 139.00
MSRP: EUR 179.00
5" Powered Studio Monitor

Take your home studio or DJ setup to the next level with high quality studio monitors at an affordable price.


With premium materials, components and an all-new design that reflects over 30 years of speaker innovation, ROKIT G4 monitors are a significant advancement, bringing professional reference monitoring to everyone. All system elements are cohesively designed to work with the drivers made with Kevlar®, making your mixes precise and reliable no matter the genre of music. It’s why KRK has been the number one reference monitor brand for decades. And it’s why ROKIT G4 will take your music to new levels of professional sound.

Tuneable Acoustics

DSP-driven room tuning with 25 visual Graphic EQ settings help minimize and correct problems in your acoustic environment. Visualize the EQ settings with an LCD Graph while getting real-time helpful spectral analysis from the included KRK App.

Distortion-Free Sound

Rokit speakers have precision limiters matched to the amplifiers, designed to maintain distortion-free sound and a balanced response. Turn up to 11 and the monitors will still sound great!

The Right Fit

Each of the Rokit sizes work for a different type of studio - the Rokit RP5 is right for a small project/home studio, the Rokit RP7 for a bit more of a dedicated space, and the Rokit RP8 for a serious boost for big studios and a maximum bump.


- Professional grade 5" (Bi-amp) studio monitor designed and engineered in the USA
- 5" Matching Woofer and 1" Tweeter made with Kevlar®
- Built-in efficient Class D power amp
- Proprietary speaker drivers built in-house from the ground up
- Onboard LCD visual DSP-driven EQ
- 25 visual Graphic EQ settings for different environments
- KRK App with Room Correction Tools
- Scientifically designed high-quality/low resonance speaker enclosure
- High density acoustic Iso-foam pads for improved clarity
- Newly designed Brickwall Limiter automatically engages at maximum amp level
- Wide, deep and dynamic listening “sweet-spot” with incredible imaging
- 3D soundstage creates incredible realism and depth in your mix (width, depth and height)
- Optimized high frequency wave guide
- Optional replacement faceplates with protective metal grilles
- Incredibly versatile speaker system—great for creating music in different environments
- Great for all functions of music creation from production to mixing to mastering
- Front-firing port with optimized low frequency tuning alignment for the best possible transient response and extension
- Designed and built by a “monitor“ company with over 30 years of proven success

- Weight: 4.800kg


- Configuration: 2-Way Active Studio Monitor
- Woofer: 5.25" Kevlar® Aramid Fiber
- Tweeter: 1" Kevlar® Aramid Fiber
- Frequency Response: 43Hz - 40KHz
- Max SPL: 104 dB SPL
- Amplifier Class: CLASS D
- Power Output: 55 Watts
- Input Impedance: 5.12 KOHM Balanced
- Input Sensitivity:
- (unbalanced signal input, gain +11dB): -10dBV
- (balanced signal input, gain 0dB): +4dBu
- Input: Balanced TRS / XLR Combo Jack
- Power: 100-240V 50-60Hz
- Dimensions: 11.22" (285mm) x 7.48" (190mm) x 9.49" (241mm)
- Weight: 10.69 lbs. (4.85 Kg.)

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