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Pro-Mark T-RODS Thunder Rods (Birke)

  • Pro-Mark T-RODS Thunder Rods (Birke)
  • Pro-Mark T-RODS Thunder Rods (Birke)
  • Pro-Mark T-RODS Thunder Rods (Birke)
  • Pro-Mark T-RODS Thunder Rods (Birke)
Product #: 137145
Brand: Pro-Mark
Series: Pro-Mark Rod
Category: Rod
Availability:  Pro-Mark T-RODS Thunder Rods (Birke) | <b>In stock.</b> In stock.
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VörstettenPro-Mark T-RODS Thunder Rods (Birke) | <b>In stock.</b>  In stock
Unit: 1 pair
Shipping cost: EUR 2.99
EUR 23.50
The ultimate in strength and durability. Thunder Rods provide that patented "rods" sound. Perfect for the heaviest hitters on the planet.


Made of premium select birch dowels, these rods provide an excellent consistency and feel.


- Diameter: .675
- Length: 16"
- Tip Material: Wood
- Tip Shape: Other
- Handle Material: Birch
- Seven extra large premium select birch dowels
- Diameter: .675" Length: 16"
- Smooth grip for easy playability
- Unique wrap near the neck provides a tight sound with just enough texture and improves durability

Series Info

Pro-Mark started a trend when we introduced the original Rods®. Over the years, other companies have tried unsuccessfully to duplicate their unique sound and feel. Voted one of the top 15 percussion products of the last 25 years, the Rods family produces a lower volume than sticks, but more attack then brushes...perfect for a variety of applications. When regular sticks are too loud, and brushes are too soft, Rods are just right. Handmade in the USA. The Hot, Cool, Thunder, Lightning, and Kick Rods are made of select birch dowels. The Rocket Rods are made of bamboo dowels while the Stealth Rods are made of nylon bristles (US Patent # 4,535,671)
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