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Placid Audio Copperphone Mini

  • Placid Audio Copperphone Mini
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Was originally designed for harmonica players


The Copperphone Mini was originally designed for harmonica players as a hand held alternative to the Copperphone. It does have a similar nostalgic character to the sound because it operates within a limited bandwidth (please listen to the provided sound samples). However the Copperphone Mini uses a higher performance modern element and does not utilize a resonant chamber. The result is a microphone that is more sensitive and sounds more direct than the Copperphone.

High grade passive variable reluctance transducer
High quality Switchcraft 3 pin XLR connector
Rugged copper housing and components
Dismounting kit for optional ergonomic hand held use
Handcrafted in the U.S.A
Lifetime operational warranty
Aircraft aluminum shock mount ring to fit North American style stands (will fit European stands with common threaded adapter)


- Type: Dynamic
- Polar Pattern: Cardioid
- Frequency Response: 200Hz – 1.4kHz
- Impepdance: 150 ohms
- Output: 105 +/- 2dB SPL @ 1 kHz
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