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Free The Tone SL-21DCS

  • Free The Tone SL-21DCS
EUR 12.00
DC plug designed to be suitable as a DC socket having a ø2.1-mm diameter center pin


After a long development period our Solderless DC Cable series has been completed to provide high usability, safety and durability.
The DC plug’s cap and body with a metallic look are made of nonconducting plastic.
With FREE THE TONE’s unique dual structure, handmade DC cables can be used safely in the same way as regular plastic molded type DC cables.

Like shielded cables for audio signal lines to connect guitars or effects units, DC cables for power supply lines from power supply units to effects units are important components that can influence the sound.

Using our CU-416 as DC cable can block interference from external noises, minimize transmission loss, and power effects units without stress.

Solderless DC Cables can be easily made in your preferred lengths.
This is an ideal product with high durability that can be used repeatedly.
The Solderless DC Cables increase the degree of freedom in pedalboard assembly, raising the quality of your pedalboard one rank higher.


- The plug has FREE THE TONE’s unique dual structure developed to prevent the screw from loosening and to secure the insulation.
- The DC plug’s cap and body are made of nonconducting plastic for safety.
- Our shielded type cable (CU-416) is less susceptible to external noises (same as our SL Series Solderless Cables).
- Since the resistance of the cable is very low, transmission loss from the power supply can be minimized.
- The cable has the flexibility required for wiring within pedalboards.

- Weight: 0.020kg
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