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09.05.2019Bern - SwitzerlandHughes & Kettner Black Spirit Workshop am Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2019 in BERN:

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Customer feedbacks
Alexandre B. - 25.10.2016
Thanks again for your dedication and professionalism!
Alan L. - 05.03.2019
All went well! Will order again!
Khaila P. - 07.12.2018
That's so lovely, thank you so much. If you could refund the Visa card that would be awesome. Really appreciate your help, the service was amazing and I'll definitely use this service in the future.
Yuezhi Z. - 15.02.2018
What an awesome company!
Manuel P. - 25.05.2016
Thanks for your reply and help on this matter: The seriousness of your follow-up and fast reply are a great sign of service :-) - Congratulations. Continue this way!
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