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Hughes & Kettner Spirit AmpMan Modern

  • Hughes & Kettner Spirit AmpMan Modern
  • Hughes & Kettner Spirit AmpMan Modern
  • Hughes & Kettner Spirit AmpMan Modern
  • Hughes & Kettner Spirit AmpMan Modern
  • Hughes & Kettner Spirit AmpMan Modern
  • Hughes & Kettner Spirit AmpMan Modern
EUR 319.00
MSRP: EUR 349.00
These perfect sounding, ultra-compact guitar tools open up huge potential in the live as well as in the currently very popular recording area!
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A complete high quality 2-channel amp in pedal format
The new AmpMan Modern is a two-channel pedal amp and offers outstanding sound quality based on the analog Spirit Tone Generator technology. The first channel covers the entire spectrum from vintage to blues to modern, crystal-clear clean sounds. The second channel delivers the high gain rock and ultra-direct metal sounds of the 90s to today. With the sagging controller, the power stage saturation can be precisely regulated for each channel from absolutely dry to highly compressed. With an output power of up to 50 watts, sufficient power is available even in louder band situations.

The boss on the pedalboard
AmpMan Modern was developed from the start for use with pedals and stomp boxes and brings their qualities to full advantage. A switchable FX loop is available for reverb and delay effects. For solos, a second master volume ("Solo") can be set and activated at the push of a button.

The recording specialist
AmpMan Modern is equipped with a RED BOX AE +, which provides eight high-quality box simulations. The loudspeaker model set last is automatically saved for each channel. When the RED BOX is switched off, digital IR box simulations from external devices can also be used.

This makes practicing fun
Even at very low volumes, the AmpMan Modern delivers a full, inspiring sound. The sagging function can be continuously controlled for each channel even at low volume. Players for play along are connected via AUX. Together with the adjustable headphone output, this results in a perfect setup for silent practice sessions.

What you see is what you get
All functions of the two fully equipped channels and the practical features such as the switchable FX loop, the built-in RED BOX with 8 speaker simulations or the stereo headphone connection are controlled directly via a corresponding controller or switch - this makes operation exceptionally intuitive and clear.

The always-with-you amp
AmpMan Modern is particularly light and compact and can be found on every pedalboard and in many guitar cases.


- Pedal amp based on Spirit Tone Generator technology
- Two independent channels, channel 1: vintage to blues to modern, crystal clear clean sounds; Channel 2: High gain rock and ultra-direct metal sounds from the 90s to today
- Controls: Gain, Tone, Presence, Resonance, Sagging, Volume per channel
- Boost, foot switchable (status can be saved per channel)
- Serial FX.Loop, footswitchable (status per channel can be saved)
- Solo controller, foot switchable (0 to +6 dB level increase compared to the master)
- IDB-Noisegate from Black-Spirit 200 (setting can be saved per channel)
- RED BOX AE + with 8 speaker emulations from Black Spirit 200
(Selection can be saved per channel)
- Separately adjustable headphone output, aux input
- 50 watts into 4 ohms, 25 watts into 8 ohms, 12.5 watts into 16 ohms


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Power: up to 50 watts (at 4 ohms)
Channels: 2, each Gain, Tone, Presence, Resonance, Sagging, Volume
Boost: per channel, foot switchable
FX-loop: serial, foot switchable
NOISE GATE: IDB (Intelligent Dual Breakpoint) noise gate
Special feature: Solo control, solo foot switch
RED BOX AE +: 8 cabinet emulations, XLR balanced
AUX INPUT: 3.5 mm, stereo
Headphone output: 3.5 mm, stereo, adjustable
SPEAKER OUT: 4 to 16 ohms
dimensions ampman (w x h x d): 250 x 52 x 153 mm
weight ampman: 1.15 kg / 2.53 lbs.
Dimensions of power supply (W X H X D): 129 x 32 x 52 mm
Weight of power supply: 280g / 1.27 lbs.


Since 1984, the name Hughes & Kettner has become synonymous worldwide with guitar amps of the highest quality. Engineered in Germany, these amps are the product of a lifelong passion and pursuit of a vision ? to make great tone accessible for the discerning player.
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