Palmer Pedalbay 60

  • Palmer Pedalbay 60
  • Palmer Pedalbay 60
  • Palmer Pedalbay 60
  • Palmer Pedalbay 60
  • Palmer Pedalbay 60
  • Palmer Pedalbay 60
Product #: 173927
Brand: Palmer
Series: Palmer Pedalbay
Category: Pedalboards
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EUR 66.00
UVP: EUR 89.00
Lightweight variable Pedalboard with Protective Softcase 60cm


Universal aluminium Pedalboard for the storage of all commercially available floor effects. The cross bars as well as the height and the tilt of the Pedalboard can be individually adjusted. The cross bars are already covered with Velcro (fleece), a sufficient amount of hook strap is also included. Power supplies and similar peripheral devices can be mounted below the board. For this the Pedalboard features 4 practical hooks on the underside. 2 Elastic bands are supplied - making fixation easy!

This set also features a high-quality padded softcase with an accessory compartment and a shoulder strap.


- Product type: Pedalboards
- Material: aluminium
- Surface: powder coated
- Width of the Cross Bars: 50 mm
- Width: 605 mm
- Height: 70 - 85 mm
- Depth: 305 mm
- Features: adjustable cross bars, height-adjustable
- Weight Pedalbay: 1.51 kg
- Weight: 4.62 kg
- Accessories (included): soft carrying case with shoulder strap, allen key, 2x black elastic bands, approx. 3m hook tape

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Palmer Pedalbay
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